VOOPOO Argus Pro 80W Pod Kit 3000mAh Litchi Leather&Red

Цвет, Красный / Чёрный
Способ активации, При затяжке;На кнопку
Регулировка мощности, Да
Тип аккумулятора, Встроенный
Возможность установки RBA, Да
Тип испарителя, Сменный испаритель
Тип зарядки, USB Type-C
Регулировка обдува, Да
Тип дисплея, Монохромный
Максимальная мощность, 80 Вт
Объём атомайзера, 4.5 мл
Ёмкость аккумулятора, 3000 mAh
3 890 руб.
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  • Electronic cigarettes have come a long way from the traditional tobacco cigarette, and the VOOPOO Argus Pro 80W Pod Kit 3000mAh Litchi Leather&Red is a testament to that advancement. This POD-system is the ultimate vaping device, with an impressive 80W output and 3000mAh battery capacity, ensuring that you can enjoy long vaping sessions without worrying about running out of battery life.

    The Litchi Leather&Red design is sleek and stylish, with its unique leather finish that not only looks great but also provides a comfortable grip. The color combination of Litchi Leather&Red is truly eye-catching, making it one of the most fashionable and stylish vapes on the market. If you're looking to buy an electronic cigarette that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, this is the one for you.

    Our shop is proud to offer the VOOPOO Argus Pro 80W Pod Kit 3000mAh Litchi Leather&Red, knowing that this product will not disappoint our customers. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced smoker, this POD-system is perfect for you. Easy to use and operate, this vape is designed to replicate the experience of smoking, but without any of the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes produce. So, whether you're trying to quit smoking or simply want to enjoy the pleasures of vaping, this device is an excellent choice.

    Overall, if you're looking for a reliable, stylish, and powerful vaping device, the VOOPOO Argus Pro 80W Pod Kit 3000mAh Litchi Leather&Red is the perfect choice for you. With its long battery life, impressive output, and stylish design, it is an excellent investment for any vape enthusiast. So, head on over to our store and grab yours today!

    Argus Pro
    Красный / Чёрный
    Способ активации
    При затяжке;На кнопку
    Регулировка мощности
    Тип аккумулятора
    Возможность установки RBA
    Тип испарителя
    Сменный испаритель
    Тип зарядки
    USB Type-C
    Регулировка обдува
    Тип дисплея
    Максимальная мощность
    80 Вт
    Объём атомайзера
    4.5 мл
    Ёмкость аккумулятора
    3000 mAh
        [0] => Array
                [UNROUND_BASE_PRICE] => 3890
                [UNROUND_PRICE] => 3890
                [BASE_PRICE] => 3890
                [PRICE] => 3890
                [ID] => 593502
                [PRICE_TYPE_ID] => 68
                [CURRENCY] => RUB
                [DISCOUNT] => 0
                [PERCENT] => 0
                [QUANTITY_FROM] => 
                [QUANTITY_TO] => 
                [QUANTITY_HASH] => ZERO-INF
                [MEASURE_RATIO_ID] => 
                [PRINT_BASE_PRICE] => 3 890 руб.
                [RATIO_BASE_PRICE] => 3890
                [PRINT_RATIO_BASE_PRICE] => 3 890 руб.
                [PRINT_PRICE] => 3 890 руб.
                [RATIO_PRICE] => 3890
                [PRINT_RATIO_PRICE] => 3 890 руб.
                [PRINT_DISCOUNT] => 0 руб.
                [RATIO_DISCOUNT] => 0
                [PRINT_RATIO_DISCOUNT] => 0 руб.
                [MIN_QUANTITY] => 1
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